setting our eyes (the little victories)

“The days in Haiti drag on for an eternity, but the weeks go by so fast..” is what she told me one evening as we stood beneath the tin roof– mosquitos, dogs, and kids biting our ankles. And it remains so true. A week can hold so much it feels as if you’ve lived a lifetime. 
Trying to convey, in writing, what all happens in a day proves to be a challenging task. Each day holds its own unpredictability. While this makes life exciting and exhausting, there also are moments where you just want a bit of normalcy. For Stephen especially, no longer waking up to a straightforward 9-5 job is a hard adjustment some days.

On Monday we spent the day getting reacquainted with the process of school, after teachers and kids had the weekend off. On Tuesday it was mashing avocado and feeding Mikey on the balcony upstairs. Wednesday was the endless project of bicycle fixing. I don’t know how many times a day one of the boys on the compound comes and asks, “Where’s Shaggy? Can he help me fix my bicycle?” Thursday we broke out the water guns and ran the compound, soaked to the bone. Friday was pancakes and YouTube videos with the kids in our class who were rewarded for having good behavior. 

The weeks are a rush of spelling words and school struggles, bicycle fixing and Mikey-snuggles, market runs and reading practice. Before long, it is Saturday again. 

We are adjusting. Slowly, but surely. We joke that, by the time we are fully adjusted it’ll be time to go back to the States and we’ll start at square-one again in January. The mosquitoes still bite. Our showers are still freezing. Rats still crawl the ceiling. But we adjust. We adjust until somehow it all seems normal. 

We take it all in, moment by moment. We celebrate the small victories, and pray over what look like impossible hurdles. Mikey eating 1/4 of an avocado every afternoon for 3 days in a row. Carl’s smile coming back. Finding a bin of old schoolbooks and short readers. Telephone calls to family back home. Bello’s sweet and simple, “thank you” after a water gun war. 

In a country riddled with what looks like hopeless corruption, selfishness, and evil, we face a choice each and every day. God continues to whisper to our hearts, “Where, dear ones, will you set your eyes?” And while we struggle and while it may be imperfect at times, we choose again and again to set our eyes on Jesus– the one who saves, and redeems, and restores. 


2 thoughts on “setting our eyes (the little victories)

  1. Dearest Steven and Anna, thank you so much Ana for finding time to write me such beautiful email in response to mine, we think of you and we pray for you and we constantly talk about you guys how wonderful what you’re doing over there in Haiti , your strength and love for the kids is so wonderful ! God bless you both and continue keeping you save , I totally understand all you are sharing about the culture and elections , it is a different way of life over there and so much harder to possibly visualized , the word “challenge “may not even be enough to describe it , we have been to Dominican republic and as ” vacationers” and for just a little rider from the airport to ” our hotel” we passed through some poor villages and I felt guilty knowing I was going to vacation on a beautiful resort while people lived like that … I felt so bad I wanted to take my luggage give it all to them and my money .. I dint … But there you are even in much harsh place and you are humbly and lovingly with the love of our Jesus Christ helping a country most people has forgotten . God bless you guys!!! God bless you guys !!! Your faith and knowledge of the word will guide you even when you are not even thinking it . The sweet reward system is an awesome thing you do , I don’t think they knew what being rewarded for doing something good meant ! But because you are teaching them that I hope thry will understand you care deeply and will want to learn to love like Christ , you both are great “family like ” for those children that need so much love and guidance and to learn about Christianity . We will pray fir them and fir the upcoming elections and the hard storms … You have lots of people that love you and care for you guys , you guys care so much and you are so giving!!! God bless you guys , oxixox Patty z.


  2. We are so happy to hear from you! We keep praying that you will gain the trust and love of the orphans you work with. We know you are aware that this is a long term, day by day work in progress. We are grateful for the wisdom and guidance God is giving you. You are in our prayers! Love you so much. Grandma and Grandpa H.


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