A Christmas Update

I’ve wanted to post some pictures of the kids that we have been working with and I felt led to do that today, Christmas Eve. Let me explain why.

For those who haven’t kept up with us, Anna and I got married in April. People called us crazy when 5 months later we went to Haiti for two months to start serving with Grace Mission, mainly working with the 33 orphanage kids. It was hard adjusting to life in Haiti at first, but by the grace of God we made it and are actually excited to go back in January. 🙂 We got back from Haiti a week before Thanksgiving and traveled around seeing family, speaking at churches, and seeing many of you great people for 3 weeks. These last 3 weeks before we head back to Haiti have been here in Chicago. Anna has been making sugar cookies (see picture below, she’s amazing), as well as getting to spend time with her family. I’ve been studying hard to take my Instrument written exam for my Pilots license. The hope is that this summer when we go to Alaska, (May 22nd-beginning of August is the plan right now) that I will be able to get my instrument rating. The mission we will be at is called Kingdom Air Corps and we will be attending the summer training program they offer.

I wanted to post these pictures at this time because Christmas is the reason we are doing what we are doing. It’s the reason we gave up great jobs (Hey, I miss you guys at Precision Autobody, and I know Anna misses the Samuel family). Its not because of the holiday itself but it’s because of Who’s Birthday we celebrate. It’s all because of Jesus. He is the one that we are following and trusting and has made it possible for us to do this. Yesterday was 8 months since we have been married and it’s only because of Jesus that we have the love and patience and grace to be a team working in the same direction. It hasn’t been all easy though, but has been so neat to see how he has brought us together so much through all of this. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than here, in the will of God.

I want to say a huge thank you to those who, being led by Jesus, have supported us through many prayers and financial support. We couldn’t have done this without your obedience to Christ’s leading in your lives.







Group Photo! 
Anna helping Roden-flor and Judline learn to Knit




In Cap Haitian, Haiti
Colorado-Hiking in Estes Park


Colorado- Hiking in Estes Park



Look at those! 

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