a letter for my 10 month old

Dear Liam,

The summer air is heavy with heat and humidity as I sit here, watching you sleep. It’s a rare and peaceful moment, one I do not take for granted.

My goodness. What a year we both have been through. If I have learned one thing about you these last 10 months, it is this: you are resilient. Strong. Curious. Determined. All qualities that make me wonder what exactly is in store for your future. If I am being honest, I live with a bit of fear for your toddler years. But I have no doubt, God has great things planned for you.

I adore you, did you know that? You are far from anything I ever expected, but every fiber of my being is in love with who you are. Those hazel eyes, they light up all the world when you laugh.

And I am smitten.

You won’t remember these days. The thought strikes me from out of nowhere. These days that are shaping both you and me.. they are mine alone to remember. The scent of your baby skin, your almond shaped eyes, your utter delight at new discoveries, the mischief in your grin, your chubby baby toes, the way you are sticky with sunshine and summer and all things boy.. I cradle the moments with certain tenderness, knowing they are sacred.

I find it hard to believe we have an almost-1-year-old. I imagine that sense of surreality grows with every milestone and birthday that lay ahead of us. Life with you will forever be spent in this paradox of bittersweet. How can time give and take so much, all at once?

What they say is true. These days are fleeting.. but they have left their lasting mark upon my heart as they go by.

All my love,

Your mama


4 thoughts on “a letter for my 10 month old

  1. That was so beautiful Anna . I hope he reads all the letter’s you have written when he grows up ! Your a wonderful Mom ! ❤️❤️❤️🙂


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