These In-Between Days

A year ago, it felt like we wouldn’t make it. Life came crashing down, fast and hard. I can recall the weight of those feelings quite well. Dreading the days, dreading the nights. Life was overwhelming.


Shift sleeping to hold Liam upright.

Being blindsided by prolapse.

The beginning of recognizing Liam’s sleep-airway struggles.

Therapy session after therapy session, for both Liam and myself, with little to no progress.

While I knew seasons pass, that one felt like it never would. And yet, here we are one year later. With milestones that felt impossibly far off now beneath our belt. We haven’t quite “made it”. Many of the same problems remain on our plate (give and take a few).

More accurately I would say we are making it.

Yesterday’s spring-like day reminded me that, like all things, winter won’t last. Cold thaws. The sunshine comes back. Birds begin to sing again.

But while we are here, in this in between of winter and spring days, He carries us. And sustains us.

It may not be perfect, it is mostly messy and hard. But we are, in fact, making it.

⁃ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Liam turns more and more toddler like as each day passes. He has more personality than we know what to do with— he’s hilarious, curious, strong willed, and clever. While this leads to many meltdowns all day long, it also leads to some very sweet, tender moments that fill our hearts. His sleep associated airway problems remain in a holding pattern until he has all his teeth and will tolerate dental appliances in his mouth. But we are thankful to at last have answers.

Pursuit in prolapse recovery has led us to get my jaw and TMJ issues addressed. Those have worsened since Liam was born, and we’ve learned there’s a strong jaw-pelvic floor connection. We are hoping this brings us quite a few steps further in the healing process.

Stephen continues to work at the local airport in town, and attempts flight instructor studying late at night. He’s recently completed his ground instructor certificate, which has been an impressive feat when dealing with Liam’s continued sleep problems.

We roll with the good days and the bad, remembering that all things pass with time. And while we ache (quite literally) for sleep and a lighter load, we know we will miss certain aspects of this season once our baby has grown.

2 thoughts on “These In-Between Days

  1. Love you all! I love the updates! It’s like looking into your minds eye, and it’s always so poetic and well written! Praying for you daily!


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